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September 2008: Fran Friedman: Three tracks for an upcoming children's CD. Track information and links will be available when the CD is released.

July 2007: Dawn Kenney, Feel That Light, Reach High Records.Banjo on three tracks: Who Shot John Cyrus, Reach High, Gonna Make Me Fall. Listen here to Gonna Make Me Fall.

March 2007: Marie Duprey, Watch the Tide, Selkie Records. Banjo on one track, Wild Rose of the Mountain. Listen here to Wild Rose of the Mountain.

June 2006: Phil Ayoub: Land of Hope and Dreams, single track released only for radio airplay. No sound clip available.

January 2005: April Hobart: Time to Travel. Four tracks: Time to Travel, Loving Regret, How Mountain Girls can Love, Dad's Backstep. No sound clips available.

March 2004: Ethan Joy: Two tracks: Deadbeat Town and Jig 31. Sound clips of both on Ethan's MySpace page.

November 1999: Jon Burrows: The Perfect Storm, independent release. One track: Two Minute Warning. Sound clip on CD Baby.
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