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Last updated 12/5/01
WayStation - Rhythm and Bluegrass in New England

"Here's a group with the bluegrass world at its feet. Excellent material."
--Lee Bolton, WOBO Radio, Batavia, Ohio

"Where bluegrass is heading in the twenty-first century is anybody's guess -- looks like WayStation will be one of the stops."
--Paul Jacobs, Fiddler Magazine

"This band needs more attention. Soulful classical-like music & vocals"
--Jaanus Vainu, BGR Bluegrass Radio 108, Talinn, Estonia

WayStation should appeal to listeners who like their bluegrass on the progressive side, smoothly presented, with thoughtful and creative touches. Their music and shows are designed to engage the mind as well as the ears."
--Peter Wernick (Dr. Banjo )

Lush Country-Folk with heavy Bluegrass tinges. Skilled acoustic flatpicking saddles up next to perfect three-part male/female harmonies and crispy banjo plucking. - Eric Shea, Listen.com

What's a WayStation? Take the instrumentation and vocal blend of a bluegrass band, add the luminous voice of Karen Lincoln and the clever, topical songwriting of Peter Anick and Ed Kingsley. The resulting mix is not quite bluegrass, not quite folk, but a crowd-pleasing combination of the two. Whether they are singing about the love of nature or the nature of love, about forest fires, moonshining or weddings gone terribly wrong, their music strikes a chord with audiences.

WayStation's unique style has garnered recognition in both the folk and bluegrass communities. The band has been named to the Artists' Touring Roster of the Massachusetts Council for the Arts. In 1994, the band represented the Northeast in the Pizza Hut International Bluegrass Showdown in Owensboro, Kentucky. And their first album, Looking for Love, received excellent reviews from all sectors of the independent music press

I don't want to wait. So where can I hear WayStation right now?

Right here! The Internet is the perfect place for music, and WayStation is represented in some of the premier music sites on the Web. Depending on your interest and the speed of your phone line, you can be listening to WayStation's album, Looking for Love, in seconds.

Here are four places you can go to hear WayStation's music right now. As a bonus, all of them offer access into the entire spectrum of independent music, as well as some forward thinking labels. If you're interested in the cutting edge of any style of music, you'll want to explore these links. And check out the playback software tools listed at the end of this section.

This is the cutting edge of Internet music. Download near-CD quality music - well over a quarter million songs from over 30,000 bands in every imaginable genre. If you like what you hear, buy CDs directly from MP3.COM.

MP3 is the best way on the Internet to hear what WayStation sounds like. Twelve songs from the CD "Looking for Love" are available for high-quality listening or free download there, and seven more can be purchased at the site. To get directly to WayStation's home page at MP3.COM, go to http://www.mp3.com/waystation. If you want to see the folk chart, check http://www.mp3.com/music/folk, and if your interests are broader, just go to MP3's home page.

Look here!

Tools for Internet music

To play back MP3 files, you'll need a special player. The best freeware player we've found is Sonique from Night55, Inc In addition to being free, it's a fairly small 700K download. If you want to create your own MP3 files from CDs, you'll need an MP3 encoder like MusicMatch. MusicMatch is bigger - about 7 megabytes - but allows conversion between CD, MP3, RealAudio and .WAV formats. Download the demo version, play with it, then register it for $29.99 and you'll have the most versatile tool available for playing music on your computer. And for taking MP3 files away from your computer, check out the Rio Player from Diamond Multimedia. It's a solid state, 2.4 ounce Walkman - no moving parts, no skipping - that carries a half hour to an hour of CD quality music.

To play back RealAudio content, such as CDs from the Jukebox, InstantPlay samples from MP3.com and lots of other Internet sound content, you'll need the RealPlayer from Real.com. A fully functional RealAudio player can be downloaded completely free from that site, although Real.com also sells a player with more bells and whistles at the same site.

Where can I buy the CD?

PlanetCD, a CD store for independent musicians, can sell you a copy of the CD or cassette of "Looking for Love". Click here to go directly to our order page at PlanetCD, but take a minute to look around at the other artists and offerings there.

Visit the site: PlanetCDor buy the CD:Looking for Love

Unsure whether to buy? Check the reviews!

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WayStation's Upcoming Appearances

WayStation has no public appearances booked at this time.

But keep checking back here for 2002 bookings...

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Who are these guys?

The band

1997-2000 members, Massachusetts Touring Roster

1994 Northeast Regional Champions
Pizza Hut International Bluegrass Showdown

WayStation has been developing their blend of acoustic folk music and bluegrass since 1992. The WayStation sound combines the drive of bluegrass instrumentation and three part harmony with the talents of an outstanding interpreter of songs, Karen Lincoln, and one of the area's best and most prolific wordsmiths, Peter Anick. With four lead singers, three songwriters and five standout instrumentalists, Waystation provides a varied show whose following has been steadily growing for over eight years.

WayStation has been attracting attention from both the bluegrass and folk worlds. The band has headlined at several area coffeehouses, including Coffee, Tea and Melody and the Home Cookin' Coffeehouse, and has returned for repeat performances for the New England Folk Festival, the Northeast Indoor Bluegrass Festival and Concord's Colonial Inn Concert Series. In addition, they have opened shows for Songstreet Productions, the Boston Bluegrass Union and others, sharing the stage with Alison Krauss, Laurie Lewis, the Cox Family, Tim and Mollie O’Brien, Northern Lights, The Country Gentlemen, and Kukuruza.

WayStation has also competed in a number of regional bluegrass band contests, garnering a first place in the 1994 Northeast Regional Championships of the Pizza Hut International Bluegrass Showdown, a second at Doug Tuchman's first annual bluegrass band contest in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1994, and a third place in the 1993 Winterhawk band contest.

The members of WayStation

Rich Stillman (Banjo, harmony vocals)

Rich has been performing in bluegrass bands since 1977. He has recorded with The Jersey Travelers, Southern Rail, Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek and The Bogus Family and has performed with many other bands, including a memorable set (he remembers it, anyway) with James Monroe and the Midnight Ramblers. Rich has also written a number of original banjo instrumentals.

Karen Lincoln (guitar, lead and harmony vocals)

Karen got her start in bluegrass with Masachusetts-based Willow Creek in 1989, but she sang folk music for many years before that. Bluegrass Unlimited called her a "terrific singer, with a pure, accurate voice", and she anchors WayStation's vocal sound.

Peter Anick (fiddle, guitar, lead and harmony vocals)

Peter is the primary songwriter in the band, and the band's only doctor - he just finished work on his Ph.D! Peter's background, besides bluegrass, is in Western Swing and folk music, and he's been in bands as diverse as The Mango Brothers, The Lentil Soup Boys, Acoustic Planet, and, well, WayStation, from musical home bases in New Jersey and Wisconsin as well as Massachusetts. Peter also co-authored the book "Old-Time Fiddling Across America", published by Mel Bay.

Ed Kingsley (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals)

Ed is also a songwriter, as well as the band's MC. Ed played for several years with Karen in the Massachusetts-based band Willow Creek. He is an accomplished architect, with buildings as far afield as Saudi Arabia's Military City and Maine's Kittery Trading Post. Ed's sense of humor is an important part of WayStation's stage show, and his warm vocal harmonies provide the foundation for the band's trio sound.

"Face" Korman (bass, harmony vocals)

Face is a recent (in geological terms) graduate of the Berklee School of Music. He has performed, and still performs, in a wide range of musical styles. His recent credits include The Robin Right Band, The Notions, The John Burrows Band, and Garage a Trois. The newest member of the band, Face is celebrating a year as part of WayStation and he has brought a new approach to the music that has widened WayStation's style and repertoire.
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Contact WayStation

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Other links

If you're looking for more information about bluegrass and folk music in New England, check out the following sites.
  • Musi-Cal. Click here to search for us directly on that service.
  • Raadio KUKU, in Tallinn, Estonia, doesn't have a link to us, but they do have our CD in their library, and they played "All Downhill From Here" on their "20 best albums of 1996" show. Their site includes a comprehensive searchable list of bluegrass recordings. Unfortunately they no longer program bluegrass in their lineup.
  • The Boston Bluegrass Union. The premier bluegrass organization in the Boston area.
  • The Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music Web Page.
  • Our dates are also occasionally listed on Dirty Linen, a great international folk music site.
  • We also have a link to and from the Southern Rail home page. Southern Rail is one of the premier traditional bluegrass bands in the Northeast.
  • Evan Reilly, a good friend of ours, has a page dedicated to the mandolin and Bill Monroe. You can hear a bit of his mandolin on the sound clip of Hard Hard Choices.
  • We're listed on BarbCal, an event calendar and band listing service by Bogus Family member Barb Diederich.

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