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I've been on the technology scene since I first got on the Internet (back then, the Arpanet) back in October, 1973. I've watched and been part of the development of many of the principal elements of the current online world: the Internet, network-based communications, personal computing, key applications and operating systems, portable computing. These interests have led me to my current concentration on mobile applications, the devices and infrastructure needed for integration of text and voice messaging, open source OS and applications software, and the social and business development of the Internet in support of, and as an alternative to, traditional methods of communication, collaboration and interaction. I write occasional articles about my experiments and day-to-day experiences with technology. I've been doing this since before blogs existed, or I'd put them in one.

I also offer a number of technology-related services. As Waystation Partners, I consult on the evaluation, adoption and use of new technology for businesses. I also have extensive experience in PC support and management, and can advise on support processes.

As PC Support of Last Resort, I offer PC repair services to fix problems serious enough to drive companies like Geek Squad and Firedog to recommend a low-level reformat and reinstallation or purchase of a new computer. Because I'm not required to meet a customer repair quota, I'll do everything I can to save your data.

Contact me if you're looking for a perspective on technology that's both up-to-date and informed by the successes - and mistakes - of the past.

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