Rich Stillman
Technology and bluegrass banjo music

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Welcome to, home of Rich Stillman. This site showcases my professional work as a technology analyst and manager and as a bluegrass banjo player and teacher.

As a technologist, I offer analysis, product integration and training services, specializing in mobile devices and applications and equipment support services for mobile workers. You can read some of my commentary on technology on this site. I can also provide last-resort repair and support for problems the commercial support companies can't fix.

As a bluegrass banjo player, I offer over thirty years of experience performing with bluegrass bands and in other musical contexts, playing banjo on bluegrass, folk, even rock and jazz studio recordings, and teaching banjo.

Bonus content: Photography
Click here to see my galleries of standard and stereo photographs. I've been developing techniques for taking stereo photographs with standard cameras for about ten years, and I specialize in nature scenes for both my 2D and 3D photographs.
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