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"I've thoroughly enjoyed both his group classes and private lessons. Any Banjo player would benefit from Rich's extensive knowledge of Bluegrass music.". - RD from Gardner, MA

"A great Banjo instructor who in my case became a good friend. Rich's dedication to teaching me Scruggs Style Banjo is beyond what I ever expected. His knowledge of Scruggs Style ins incredible... Honest, Open, Dedicated and most of all Patient." - TM from Stoneham, MA

"I enjoy my sessions with Rich although they are infrequent since I live a good distance from him. After a lesson I go home with a new area to work on my playing and information that continues to be helpful for my growth in music. He has a knack to focus on your strengths and to build on them." - PB, Falmouth, MA

"Rich has an amazing knowledge of bluegrass banjo and techniques. One of his strengths is his ability to teach (in addition to bluegrass techniques and styles) a musical understanding and approach that will help students to become interesting banjo players who can both support and challenge other players. He also works well with the ideas and problems that I bring to the lessons - no 'one-size-fits-all' approach." - AR from Waban, MA

"I truly look forward to each lesson and always come away from them with a new technique or two to improve my playing. I learn something new every lesson." - PF from Upton, MA

"I highly recommend Rich as an instructor. He has an intimate and in-depth knowledge of the instrument, and great, laid-back teaching method." - MR from Sudbury, MA

"Rich is a patient and talented guy who doesn't teach by formula: he figures out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there. He's been instrumental in help me begin to develop a style of my own." - JK from Stonington, CT

"We feel very lucky to have someone with Rich's talent and background as a banjo teacher. He has been as inspiring as he is patient. My 11 year old daughter is truly enjoying learning to play bluegrass banjo from him." - LB, from Woburn, MA

"Rich Stillman is truly an exceptional teacher. He is very focused and systematic in his approach, which in my case has resulted in incredible progress on the instrument. Apart from his banjo instructions, he is an ocean of knowledge about bluegrass music in general and his guidance has really transformed how other members of my bluegrass band approach our music." - SB from Hafnarfjordur, Iceland "(yes, it is worth flying across the Atlantic Ocean to get a lesson)"

Private Lessons

Are you looking to start learning banjo, or to improve your playing? Rich is a long-time player and teacher who specializes in 3-finger banjo styles. With over thirty years experience playing and twenty-five years teaching, Rich has the experience to make you the banjo player you want to be.

Rich is a regular faculty member at Banjo Camp North in Groton, Massachusetts. He has taught workshops and classes for the Boston Bluegrass Union and teaches banjo as an adjunct faculty member at Phillips Academy in Andover.

Rich's thirty-plus years of experience playing and teaching banjo, combined with his patient and customized approach, will get you playing banjo better and quicker than you thought possible. Whether you're a beginner who just bought a banjo or an experienced picker looking to hone your skills, private lessons may be the best way to hone your banjo playing. Rich tailors each person's instruction to their personal learning style and objectives, teaching how to listen to and understand bluegrass and banjo music, not just how to memorize and play a series of tunes and licks.


Do you have a group of people interested in learning something about the banjo? Do you work in a music store looking for a way to increase banjo sales or attract students for your in-house teachers? Contact Rich to discuss a meet-the-banjo session or a master class.

Learn at a bluegrass festival: Lessons on Wheels

Are you looking for more than great shows and jam sessions at a festival? Go home with a few new banjo skills under your belt. Lessons on Wheels travels to festivals in the Northeast. Lessons on Wheels has appeared at the Grey Fox, Thomas Point Beach and Pemi Valley bluegrass festivals. Check Rich's Banjo Teacher web site to find out where and when Lessons on Wheels will be appearing in the upcoming festival season.

Remote lessons via the Internet

If you don't have access to a good banjo teacher at home, why not take your banjo lessons over the Internet? Rich offers banjo lessons through the Skype service. The software and connection time costs nothing, and can include video if you have a Web camera on your computer. Contact Rich via email or call Skype contact banjoteacher to set up your lessons.

Coming soon: Banjoteacher podcasts

Watch for the Banjo Teacher podcast at this Web site and on iTunes.

Teaching locations

Winchester, MA: Home studio. Call for details.

East Lexington, MA: Music Emporium, 165 Massachusetts Avenue, )781)-860-0049. Private lessons.

Burlington, MA: The Real School of Music, 56 Middlesex Turnpike, (888) 881-7325. One minute off Rt. 128. Group classes sponsored by the Boston Bluegrass Union. Watch the Adult Education page at the BBU Web site for bluegrass workshops, directed slow jams, and build-a-band lessons at this location.

Online: Audio and video lessons anywhere in the world via Skype address banjoteacher.
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