CIMS presentation: Mobilizing Email
Richard Stillman, Waystation Partners
March 6, 2003

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On March 6th, 2003, Rich Stillman gave a presentation at Babson College's Center for Information Management Studies (CIMS). This page contains an overview document, the presentation, an ROI workseet, and a number of useful links on the subject of mobilizing email.

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Here's a five-page document that covers the same ground as the presentation.

Presentation slides

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ROI worksheet

Here's the Excel spreadsheet used to generate the slides in the presentation. The model can be manipulated from the Assumptions worksheet.


Do-it-yourself resources

Instructions from Arch Wireless on how to forward your email to a wireless device

Corporate wireless email solutions

For Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, here's information on BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a server-based mail-forwarding application, including pricing.

BBES is also offered by a number of cell phone service providers, including

For Lotus Notes and Domino users: The company sells a corporate wireless email solution and offers a free product for individual mailboxes.

Research and related documents

Synchrologic's CIO Wireless Resource Book, published 2001.

Also from Synchrologic: ROI Analysis for Handheld Email Access, published 2002.

Upoc's 2003 survey of wireless usage trends in the United States.

Data from Upoc's 2002 survey.

Infoworld's article about RIM devices at CSFB by Ephraim Schwartz, 3/19/2001.

"Gadget Love Strikes the Enterprise", Toni Kistner's 2001 Network World article detailing the experience of several companies that adopted wireless mail technology, including HiddenMind.

Outside analysis of the 2001 Goldman Sachs report on wireless text from QuoCirca, and from ZDNet.

Rich Stillman's personal experience with wireless email, January 2003.

Additional resources of value

Here's a review on Slashdot of Smart Mobs, a new book by Howard Rheingold, first editor-in-chief of Hotwired and editor of the Millenium Whole Earth Catalog, describing why mobile technology will usher in a fundamentally different way of communicating. As Mr. Rheingold says, "Mobile Internet, when it really arrives, will not be just a way to do old things while moving. It will be a way to do things that couldn't be done before."