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Thomas Point Beach: Highlight of the season

We can't begin to tell you how exciting it was to stand on the Thomas Point Beach stage (during a real festival this year) at 7:30 on Saturday night, and watch the crowd grow as the night fell. Getting on stage as part of the Saturday evening show, followed by IIIrd Tyme Out and Ralph Stanley, was definitely the high point of our 2004 festival season. Thank you, Pati Crooker, for giving us the chance. But most of all, a big thank you to the fans who turned out to see us at this show, and at all our other shows this season. You make it all worthwhile.

Thank you, Grey Fox!

We're still walking on air (and leaning a bit to the left) after our return from the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Hillsdale, New York. On Sunday afternoon, people were still coming up to us on the hill and telling us how much they enjoyed our Thursday set. Considering the acts that followed us during the weekend - like Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs and the legendary Earl Scruggs - we're glad they remembered we were part of the show. Thanks to all the people who came out to see us, especially the fans from our European tour who stopped by the merchandise table. Thanks also to the Grey Fox staff and management who put on one of the best run and best organized festivals in the country.

Festival season is well underway, but there are still several opportunities to see Crazy Creek on a festival stage. These include two festivals in the Lake George, New York area, plus New Hampshire's Pemi Valley festival and the climax of the New England festival season, Thomas Point Beach. Check out our calendar and plan a trip to one of these great events!

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek would like to thank all the fans who came out to see us at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival. We had a great time performing for you. Stop by one of our future events and say hi!

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek is sponsored by Black Diamond Strings!

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek is proud to announce the band's sponsorship by the Black Diamond String Company. All members of the band will be using strings made by Black Diamond and Black Diamond's sister company, Super-Sensitive. The band is really excited about the endorsement and invites anyone to click the Black Diamond logo to the right, or come by the band table to "talk strings".

Crazy Creek at IBMA World of Bluegrass

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek completed their tour of the United States - without ever leaving the Galt House! This year's IBMA Convention gave Crazy Creek the chance to perform in front of talent buyers from all over the United States:



Washington, DC (not pictured),

and Boston.

The band got a great reception in all of these rooms. Look for festival bookings and other news from these areas in the upcoming months.

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek has hit the top of New England! The band played the coveted 7PM Saturday set on the prestigious Thomas Point Beach stage this Labor Day weekend. Except, well, there actually wasn't a festival - that'll happen again next year. And - the audience was smaller than usual - a few dozen campers and pickers who took time off from an amazingly peaceful day to hear the band kick up a little dust as the sun went down. Still, the experience of playing on the Thomas Point stage on Saturday evening was one the band thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to Pat for making the park available to the few hundred diehard Thomas Point addicts who showed up for the weekend, to Cecil Abels for providing the sound system on Saturday and Sunday, and especially to Jason Sawyer for standing in on bass. If you missed the chance to see Brian onstage in his bathrobe (sorry, that should be "smoking jacket"), here he is, along with the rest of the guys:

The band at Thomas Point Beach

Congratulations to our banjo player, Rich Stillman, who won the New England Bluegrass Banjo Championship at the Ossipee Valley festival on July 26th, for the second year in a row.

T-shirts are here!

We're very proud of our new T-shirts. They're 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T's with a giant Crazy Creek logo on the front! Available in black with a white logo, or white with a black logo. Sizes M, L and XL available. Order yours today using this form, or pick one up at a show!

Thank you!

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek would like to thank the fans at the Detroit Bluegrass Festival for making the weekend one of the band's summer highlights! You turned out in spite of the weekend-long rain, and made the sets so much fun that Adam could barely keep a straight face long enough to introduce the songs. We hope we get the chance to play for you again - maybe in the sunshine next time.

For the rest of you: do you want to find out why the good people at Detroit had so much fun? Check out Crazy Creek's current schedule.

"Keene on Bluegrass": Benefit for Kate McNally and Clay Bradley

Thanks to all who came out to support Kate McNally and Clay Bradley at the Keene on Bluegrass concert on Sunday, March 30th. attendance was strong, as were the performances by Northern Lights, Gopher Broke, The New England Bluegrass Band, and others. Crazy Creek closed the show and received a standing ovation! Come out and see the band at some of their upcoming shows.

The new CD: "Live at the Cantab"!

Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek is proud to announce the release of their new CD, "Live at the Cantab", with 16 of the band's favorite tunes. Check it out and order your very own copy at the CD page.

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